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Mission statement:

Choice Bookkeeping will provide all of our clients with increased profitability through prompt, accurate, professional, and ethical services resulting in value to the community, profit to the client and glory to God. 

Core Values:

1. Honesty and integrity. Trusted advisor
2. Highest quality technical and professional skills
3. Value and Profitability for all.

Our Brand:

Choice Bookkeeping Increasing Profitability through accurate and ethical practice. Accounting they can count on.

Competitive advantages:

Highest level QuickBooks Certification
Over 25 years of experience with multiple industries.
Well Established with great references. 

Your record keeping and its accuracy have a direct and significant impact on your business, its future and how much time you could waste interacting with government agencies for inaccurate or incomplete compliance.

Don’t waste your valuable time or risk unwanted and unnecessary audits.
Let Choice Bookkeeping help your streamline, automate & improve your record keeping to maximize your available time for doing what you do best.

Hi, thank you for visiting my website. My name is Judy Keith-Wynn, I am a certified bookkeeper, QuickBooks expert, trainer and accountant with over 20 years of business experience and references.

 You may ask who is Today’s “Professional Bookkeeper”? Answer: Part accountant, part tax whiz, part financial analyst. Today's professional bookkeeper (as opposed to “bookkeeping clerk”) is expected to know... 

that $25,000 of the purchase price of an SUV pickup truck or van may be written off it weighs over 6,000 pounds or weighs less and is “specially modified”—and when these vehicles do (or do not) come under annual IRS depreciation limits; 

how much the company v. employee can contribute to Bob's 401(k) and Jane's SIMPLE IRA—and the special rules for including a Roth IRA to a 401(k) starting in 2006; 

that when Jill worked 40 hours, then worked all day Saturday—after being specifically ordered not to work—she must be paid overtime 

that the free weekend at the company-owned (or paid for) fishing cabin is taxable income to Bill.

The list of accounting and tax rules that today's bookkeeper must know are endless. Which equipment costs can be written off v. depreciated? How do you record an expense that is treated one way on the income statement, another on the tax return? Today's bookkeeper must know the answers to dozens of questions like these. 

Why? Because, in today's entrepreneurial company, the heart of the American economy and the key to its future job growth, the bookkeeper is the de facto CFO. Even the greatest CPA cannot create strong financial statements from flimsy data. Who cares about a small company's financial statements? The bank making a loan decision. The vendor deciding whether to extend credit. The large corporate customer that cannot roll station-wagons off the assembly line if its steering-wheel supplier goes out of business. 

My expertise has helped business owners to establish and understand their accounting records. My auditing skills have collectively saved my clients over $500,000 annually. Your ability to understand and keep accurate records will significantly effect your daily decisions and future revenue. 

I am looking forward to further discussing our potential.

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About Us
Certified Bookkeeper
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Angela Lamet-Martinez:

Angela joined our team in 2016 as an office assistant and social media manager. She took an instant liking to bookkeeping and worked hard to gain the knowledge and experience to become a Junior Bookkeeper. In her spare time she is the mother to my 3 beautiful grandchildren.

Meet Our Staff:
Derrol Wynn :