Certified Bookkeeper

What is a Certified Bookkeeper (CB)?
In 1998, the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers (AIPB) set the first and only national standard in advanced bookkeeping: The Certified Bookkeeper Program.
A Certified Bookkeeper has the proven ability to handle the books for any company or individual. 

To become certified, a bookkeeper must:
1 know basic bookkeeping, including
  double-entry accounting, before
  undertaking certification;
2 pass a national exam in advanced
  bookkeeping at Prometric Test Centers;
3 have at least 3,000 hours (2 years) of
  on-the-job experience in bookkeeping;
4 sign a Code of Ethics that assures
  commitment to integrity;
5 constantly update skills by earning
  20 Continuing Education Credits every year.

Here is how you benefit from using
a Certified Bookkeeper. 

1. What the federal government and the media say about Certified Bookkeepers:
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2. Certified Bookkeepers — the Professionals with an Audit Trail
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