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Is “QuickBooks” an oxymoron to you? Do you find yourself 
looking for the aspirin after reviewing your financial reports?


Improve your bottom line, maximize your resources, and add 
valuable time to your already cramped day.

How: Let our certified expert trainers show you how to utilize Q
uickBooks to its full potential, fast and easy.

Our live hands on training classes are easy to understand and tailored to your skill level and industry.

Don’t wait, you owe it to your office staff to make this year the year QuickBooks works for you.


QuickBooks Essentials Training Class:

Class Date:  New class dates will be posted at the end of tax season, April 2017. Private classes may still be scheduled based on availability, contact us for further information. 
Class Registration Contact us Here.

Class Topics:
QuickBooks Essentials Training Class Outline

1.Introduction to QuickBooks
    a.All the Accounting you Need to Know
    b.Getting around in QuickBooks
    c.Lists, Forms & Reports
        i.Chart of Accounts
       ii.Adding Items

2.Accounts & Sub-Accounts
    a.What are Accounts
    b.Adding an Account
       i.Types of QuickBooks Accounts
      ii.Why Use Sub-Account

    a.What are Items
    b.Which Item type should you use
    c.Creating Items

    a.What is Class Tracking
    b.Classes Compared to customer, job, and vendor type
    c.How to turn on Class Tracking
    d.Creating Classes
    e.Assigning a Class to track a transaction
    f.Generating reports for Classes
    g.Memorizing Reports

5.Price Levels
    a.What is a Price Level
    b.Types of Price Levels
        i.Fixed Percentage Price Levels
       ii.Per Item Price Levels
    c.How To Create or Edit a Price Level
    d.Use Price Levels

6.Customers & Jobs
    a.What are Customers & Jobs
    b.Navigating the Customers & Jobs List
    c.Adding a Customer
    d.Adding a Job
    e.Combining (Merging) Two Customers
    f.Moving Customers
    g.Removing Customers

7.Receiving Payments & Making Deposits
    a.Recording Payment in Full for a Single Invoice
    b.Entering a Partial Payment
    c.Applying One Payment to Multiple Invoice
    d.Undeposited Funds Account
    e.Making Deposits

8.Entering and Paying Bills
    a.Cash or Accrual
    b.Entering Bills
    c.Paying Bills

9.Keeping Track of Your Credit Cards
    a.Setting Up Your Credit Cards
    b.Entering Credit Card Charges
10.Memorized Transactions
     a.What is a transaction
     b.Why Memorize a transaction
     c.How To Memorize a transaction
        i.Add to my Reminders List
       ii.Do Not Remind Me
     iii.Automate Transaction Entry

Class Fees: $450.00


Does knowing how to hold a scalpel make you a surgeon?

Would you have a cook teach you how to use a table saw?

Then why pay hundreds of dollars learning how to use accounting software from someone outside the qualifications?

Our QuickBooks training classes are provided by certified experts who have real business experience.


"When I first started my business I had no idea how many things I would need to keep track of. I knew I wanted to use QuickBooks but didn’t even know where to start. I was so lucky to find you. You not only helped me get a sales tax license and all the payroll tax accounts I needed but you completely set up and maintain all of my bookkeeping and tax reporting. I feel very confident that I know exactly how my business is doing every month and it is because of the excellent job you’re doing keeping the records. Thank you very much."

Class space is limited and are on a first come first served basis and fill up quickly. Enroll today.

Contact us at:


​ (702)372-0027
For Registration Information